PIC Tutorial - Switch Board

Switch Board

This is the Switch Board, a simple array of four pushbutton switches connected to the top four pins of one port, with four LED's connected to the bottom four pins of the same port (so you don't require the LED board as well). The switches connect to the top four pins of PortA, this is because RA5 can only be an input, and RA4 is an open-collector output - by using the top four pins it leaves the others available as general purpose I/O pins. Although it's labelled as connecting to PortA, it can also be connected to PortB if required.

This is a top view of the Switch Board, it consists of four switches, with pull-up resistors, and four LED's with associated current limiting resistors - two of which are mounted vertically. 
A bottom view of the Switch Board, the seven track cuts are marked with blue circles, and it has seven wire links on the top.

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