PIC Tutorial - Matrix LED Board

Matrix LED Board

This is the Matrix LED Board, a board containing an 8x8 matrix of 64 LED's, although it's a simple board, it's by far the largest tutorial board yet. I know there are various people who make PCB versions of the tutorial boards, and this would be a good one for a PCB, which could be a LOT smaller.

The board requires connecting to two complete 8 bit ports, one of which is used to SINK the LED current, and the other which is used to SOURCE the LED current. For this reason it's designed to use ports B and C on the 16F876 or 16F877 boards. Notice that this board requires no power, and on both connectors neither 0V or 5V actually feed anywhere.

This is a top view of the Matrix LED Board, it consists of 64 LED's, eight resistors, and two 10 way Molex connectors. There are 64 wire links, and 80 track cuts.
A bottom view of the Matrix LED Board.

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