PIC Tutorial - I2C Switch Board


This is the I2C Switch Board, although it's not really an I2C based board, I've named it as such because it's intended to provide some input buttons for the other I2C boards. As those boards use RB6 and RB7 for the I2C bus we can't use the original switch board, however this board only has switches (no LED's like the original switch board), and they connect to the bottom four port pins. It plugs in to the second connector for PortB, the first being used for the relevant I2C board.

The first use of this board is to provide adjustment buttons for the I2C Clock Board, enabling easy adjustment of the time and date. It will also be used with the I2C A2D board, to allow various adjustments and settings to made, such as 'set the sample time', 'dump data to PC' etc. I think most projects can benefit from the availability of a few push buttons to control their action.

Although it's labelled as connecting to PortB, as with most of the boards, it can also be connected to PortA if required.

This is the top view of the I2C Switch Board, it has only 4 wire links.
The bottom of the I2C Switch Board, there are 3 track cuts.

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